Monday, 11 October 2010

Lonely Hearts Club

Today was another excellent day in the park. This time myself, Jenny and Gemma started the hour by praying and asking God to give us someone or some people but again, wanted to be led, rather than us land on someone all guns blazing.

We spent about 25 minutes wandering about the same area and there were no real groups of young people anywhere, except a lot of younger children in the skate park. So we thought it may be an idea to look elsewhere. Jenny said that she was feeling like there would be a lonely woman somewhere. Literally two minutes after she said this we saw a lady sitting on a bench all by herself smoking a cigarette and knew that this could well be the lady God had laid on Jenny's heart.

The only problem here was that there were three of us and one of her so I suggested that it might be better if Jenny and Gemma go and talk to this lady and I would keep praying for them as a covering.

The lady said that she'd never met Christians before and was really interested in hearing all about Christianity and so the girls spoke with her for a little while until her friend came to meet her. It was pretty clear to Jenny and Gemma that the friend was in no mood to hang about so they got up and left.

But once again, God has been faithful to his word and another seed has been planted. Praise God!

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