Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Miracles in a modern society

I recently posted on Facebook about an amazing miracle that I witnessed on Tuesday 15th November. A lady in my church community group had been suffering from a bad back and I felt God tell me to ask her to stretch her legs out. She did and one was shorter than the other. After a short prayer, and in front of four other witnesses, the lady's leg grew to the same length as the other one and she no longer felt pain. Clearly another example that God is alive and doing what he's always done, healing people. Praise God!

However, I was moved to write this blog after some of the responses from Christians seem to be a bit sceptical of what I had reported and clearly this made me think of reasons why sometimes it's hard to comprehend the power of God. I also wanted to bring some explanation to what happened so that those of you who are not believers can understand what this is all about.

Christians believe and follow the words of Jesus, who was a real man living in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. He claimed to be the Son of God and performed amazing miracles, whether they be healing the sick or raising the dead. We also believe that He died on the cross and rose from the dead. That in itself demonstrates faith in it's purest form as none of us in this day and age can actually say we've seen Jesus. But we know He is alive based on faith and also amazing miracles that happen when we pray using the name of Jesus. If we can believe in a God we can't see, then we can certainly believe that He can heal people.

So why don't people believe that miracles actually happen and make Christians out to be looney's for suggesting otherwise? It's quite simple. Until people accept Jesus into their hearts, they cannot comprehend the supernatural because God's Spirit has not opened their eyes to what Christians can see and accept in faith. When extraordinary things happen like a leg growing instantly it will cause the non-believer to react in shock and disbelief.

As well as this, Christians who have never witnessed such things can also be sceptical because it still seems to be out of reality and uncomfortable to declare that these things happen because of fear of what people might think of them.

I can totally understand that by saying that a leg grew on its own sounds very odd. But so does saying the world was formed by a big bang.

God's power is much, much greater than ours. His ways are not our ways. He does things that we can't and sometimes without explanation. Why? Because God does not have the need to explain Himself or His actions because by His Word all things are possible. If we as Christians declare that God made the World and everything in it and that Jesus was raised from the dead and is still alive, of course He can make a leg grow and this really shouldn't be a shock but a reason to celebrate and worship Him because He is AWESOME!

So, finally, if you are a non-believer, always ask yourself this question when you read about miracles that happen today: If God is real and He is performing miracles today, what difference could He make to my own life? If you are a Christian and are sceptical about miracles, ask yourself this: Is it better to be publically sceptical or is it better to accept that God is at work and He should be praised for displaying His works on Earth today?

Any comments or questions would be welcome.