Monday, 4 October 2010

The Adventure Continues

It's now week three of these mini adventures with God. This time I was joined by my friends Gemma, Rachel and Jenny and God did not disappoint once again.

Before I get into the detail of today's events I just want to underline the fact that I am not the world's most gifted evangelist and this is not something I passionately prayed about doing. All I know is that God has put a fire in my belly and is working in me massively to be able to get out and proclaim the Gospel. And, the thing that's really amazing me is that once you ignore the Enemy saying "don't do that, no one will listen" it's actually mildly easy to talk to people about your faith. I just want to say that if you've ever thought about doing this, do it. God honours you massively.

So today I went to the same park. I knew the guys from the week before said they would be there because of work experience but I also knew that God being God could very easily provide someone else to talk to. Gemma, Rachel and myself prayed as we walked around the park and asked God to give us some people to talk to and within 5 minutes we saw a group of 4 girls sitting on a bench.

My spirit told me instantly that these were the ones we should talk to but we carried on walking and prayed once more. Gemma felt that God was saying if we didn't go back we could miss this opportunity so we went back and asked if they were busy and if not we could talk to them about Christ.

I should point out that as we approached them, they all got up to leave the park and a young guy called to them which stopped them. This allowed us to catch up and ask them if they were busy.

They all said they were up for talking about God and very quickly we were answering lots of questions about who God was, how do we know Jesus actually did what he did, and what is God. One girl said she was Christened as a baby and was therefore a Christian but I pointed out that she didn't make that choice herself and that we'd all made a choice to follow Jesus. It's the kind of thing that could offend people but she wanted to know more and accepted the fact that maybe she wasn't a Christian like she thought she was.

One by one we shared our experiences of God and Jesus and by this time Jenny had joined our gathering and shared some quite blatant truths about Grace and how it sets you free from condemnation.

Once again it was an amazing time. We said that we'd be there the next week and they seemed interested in coming back for more questions. We left them with a challenge to ask God Himself to reveal His truth to them and I can only give all honour and praise to The Almighty for another incredible time. You see, these girls woke this morning knowing nothing about Jesus and now they do. Just brilliant.

I will continue to write these installments and hope that more of you comment to encourage others who read this blog. I owe all of this to Him who sits on the Throne. It is ALL about Him. Amen

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