Thursday, 31 May 2012

Power hour

As a Christian I find it so encouraging to my faith when we act in obedience to the promptings of His voice and He delivers treasure because of our willingness to do His will.

A great example of this was today in Haywards Heath where myself and my friends Jenny, Gemma and Graham ventured out onto the streets for our weekly 'treasure hunt'. I had to admit to the group that I'd arrived feeling a bit stressed but the moment we prayed that feeling left and we were left with small descriptions of people we should pray for.

Jenny had already come expectant as God had put someone on her heart to pray for a certain situation but this person was unfortunately working behind a coffee shop counter. However, I felt that Jenny should write down the her prayer and give it to the girl for her to read - surely it would have the same effect.

While Jenny and Gemma spoke to their 'treasure' Graham and I set off into town to look for ours. All I had in my head was 'a man with a broken arm' and Graham had 'a woman in a white top and blue trousers with a walking stick'. Within two minutes we saw two ladies matching this description but to be appropriate we didn't approach them and hoped that our moment hadn't passed.

Graham and I looked for our guy with the broken arm and pretty soon he appeared from nowhere. It was amazing. God gives a little clue but makes it blindingly obvious as to what the clue is leading to. Love this about God - mysterious yet undoubtable. We didn't even get close to the guy before Gemma and Jenny literally ran to him and asked if they could pray for him. He said yes and was really interested to listen to what they had to say.

Not long after this Graham and I met a guy who had crutches and we approached him to ask if there was anything we could pray for. He said he'd just come out of hospital after a long illness and would love some prayer. He also said he had a 'sort of belief' and had been searching for the right church. We were able to pray and ask God to bless him and later invited him to our church. It was only after we finished we realised his son had been watching all of this. Praise God.

Then, finally, just as we were leaving town a lady with a white top, blue trousers and a walking stick walked passed. Once again the girls were onto it and asked the lady if they could pray for her. Her response was 'well if your Jesus can help with this pain then yes, I'm totally up for it.' It turned out that this lady recently had hip replacements and was really grateful for Gemma and Jenny being courageous in their faith. Jenny laid hand on her left hip and they both prayed. At this moment, I looked at Graham and said; "this is Kingdom stuff going on here, LOVE IT!"

So all this happened in the space of 45 minutes. Three sick people prayed for and one person blessed, all because God LOVES to use His people to do His will. This is why I love being a Christian. GOD IS LOVE!!


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  2. That was a most extraordinary time. We went out again on Easter Saturday in Burgess Hill as part of the churches 24/7 prayer week, that was pretty good too. Let's do it some more.